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 Sammy Ghozlan                                                22 septembre 2022


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After the deference shown to the Iranian “butcher” who is preparing his nuclear arsenal, the BNVCA wonders if the UN will give a standing ovation to the one who dared to speak of “50 Holocausts”, during the commemoration dedicated to the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Revisionism and Holocaust denial are indeed the great guests of this session of the United Nations. From the Iranian president who is demanding new evidence on the reality of the Holocaust to Mahmoud Abbas and his despicable statement on “50 Holocausts”, the UN is not making a fuss. It is true that the UN with its 145 condemnations of Israel in 7 years, against 6 to Iran over the same period, can be presented, by its systematic use of double standards, as a major vector for the promotion of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism, whose ultimate goal is the eradication of the Jews, will therefore be well represented by Mahmoud Abbas, who will notably pay the salary to the family of the last terrorist, found hanged after having, in Holon, smashed an 84-year-old lady with an iron bar.

The BNVCA has no doubt that the name of Shireen Abu Akleh will be mentioned, the only journalist whose death shook the world’s media. But who has heard of Nidal Ijbaria, 44, a well-known journalist in the Arab sector, owner of the popular news site “Bladtana” shot dead on Sunday, September 4 in his car in um-el-fahm. Not a word, difficult even to find articles, no demonstrations, nothing. What for? Killed by local Arabs, the death of this journalist does not allow to accuse Israel and therefore ‘interests no one. He was the 66th victim of violence in Arab society, but let’s not talk about these deaths, Israel cannot be blamed.

The BNVCA denounces the double standard that applies permanently to the State of Israel alone, making the Jewish State, the Jew of Nations.

The BNVCA expects representatives of states that consider the fight against anti-Semitism as a foundation of democratic life to leave the UN compound at the time of Abbas’s speech.

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