The BNVCA has broadened its scope. In fact, recent situations have shown that some victims, physically and morally attacked by anti-Semites on the media, the internet or my social networks, do not have the psychological and financial means to defend themselves in court.

Thanks to the donations it received, the BNVCA was able to help these people financially and morally, supporting them in these difficult times through its presence by their side, and the financial assistance that was able to overcome the emergency.

The BNVCA fights relentlessly, often successfully, against all BDS activists, and the sites of evil organizations.
The lawsuits brought before all the courts of France are long and expensive.

The proceedings against Dieudonné, Soral, Bauret, Lefort, Amchalane, Kenefe, Abousaid, Saadia etc. are in the process of being finalized

To continue our action we need your help, we are counting on you

You can take action by making a donation to the BNVCA.

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Or make a Check payable to “BNVCA”, 64 rue Laugier Paris 75017.