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The BNVCA notes that the City Hall of Stains, Mr. Azzédine Taïbi, who has been in the headlines for a few days, does not miss an opportunity to show his allegiance to various causes. First, it was the street renamed, or rather, renamed Khadija, after the wife of the Prophet Muhammad, the first person converted to Islam. One could have hoped in a City Council so anxious to be French, a different choice.

As for the Palestinian flag, which is prominently displayed in the Mayor’s office, it is only the drapeau resulting from the twinning with camp Amari. Stains is also twinned with other cities, with a Cameroonian city, with a German city , with an Algerian city and with a city marocaine. The choice of the visible Palestinian flag is therefore an expression of determined support for “the cause”. The cause of the only refugees with hereditary status, benefiting from international subsidies and a dedicated agency UNRWA.

In response to the remark about the “native French”, the Town Hall, has made a video where each deputy surrounded by tricolor, comes to display his francitude. No one doubted it. On the other hand, there is a serious doubt about adherence to French culture, its values and its components. In Seine St Denis, for years, there is no longer a Jewish child in public schools , the synagogues of St Denis, Stains and Garges are closed, fellow citizens of the Jewish faith having left these cities become violently hostile. Would it not be an issue in the name of the values of the France to do everything possible to repair this absence.

The BNVCA, notes that the City Council of Stains by filing a complaint and launching a petition (link: ) to defend itself because they specify “we are all representatives of the people and this, regardless of our  physical  characteristics, our ethnic origins or religious beliefs, true or supposed” knowing  that there are no more Jewish children in the towns of Seine St Denis and therefore in particular in Stains, requires that concrete efforts be made to enhance the Jewish component of the France and that a Jewish life can be reborn there safely. A city in France where a Jew cannot live is no longer the France.

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