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The BNVCA calls for the prohibition of the scandalous demonstration which is to take place in Brussels this Saturday, October 29 under the name of “the March for the Return and the Liberation of Palestine”. The organizer of the demonstration, Masar Badil, states in his Charter his objective of “liquidating the Zionist presence in Palestine” (Point 19). This Tuesday, the Dutch police were not mistaken: they turned back and expelled to Canada two of the organizers who had to intervene during this demonstration. The object of the March is the demand for “Palestine from the sea to the Jordan” accompanied by the right of return for all “Palestinian refugees”, which amounts, in fact, to wanting to eliminate the State of Israel, the only Jewish state on the planet. The BNVCA calls for the prohibition and dissolution of the organizations attached to Masar Badil and Samidoun, co-organizer, and in particular that of the Collectif Palestine Vaincra, whose dissolution has been suspended. The BNVCA instructs its Council to file a complaint against the structures calling for this March, namely Masar Badil, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra, Capjo-Europalestine, Samidoun, Acta, Secours Rouge international, Classe contre Classe, etc…

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