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BNVCA denounces Chile for its support for terrorism and anti-Semitism





( à gauche sur la photo, Gabriel Boric ) 


The BNVCA denounces the refusal of the new Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, to receive the credentials of the Ambassador of Israel.

Known for his pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel positions, the Chilean president has argued the death of Palestinian terrorist Uday Saleh from Kfar Dan in Jenin. Uday Saleh, 17, was killed in an operation in the village of Kfar Dan, near Jenin, a West Bank region that has been the focus of armed clashes in recent months.

During this operation near the crossing point between Israel and Jenin, two Palestinians and an Israeli officer, Major Bar Falah, were killed. Israel, following the wave of attacks that killed 19 civilians, has stepped up the fight against terrorism, particularly in Jenin, which has become a stronghold of members of the Al-Quds Brigades (Saraya al-Quds), the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and where weapons proliferate.

The BNVCA recalls that in Chile the Palestinian community is the largest in the world outside the Middle East, with about 400,000 citizens, a structured and organized political force. The opening in Santiago of a Palestinian embassy led to an ideological reinforcement becoming an instrument of struggle and propaganda for the Palestinian cause in South America. Demonizing the Jewish state in Chilean public opinion, the word “Zionist” has become the equivalent of an insult. It should be noted that support for the BOYCOTT BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) boycott movement is absolutely cross-cutting and could even be seen as one of the only causes that politicians on the left and right jointly adhere to.

In 2015, Boric unsuccessfully opposed the granting of citizenship to Rabbi Waingortin, who had lived in Chile for several years.  The Jewish community in Chile, which has 18,000 members, is worried and feels threatened.

The BNVCA denounces the double standard that, once again, makes Israel the Jew of the Nations. There has been no problem with the Iranian ambassador where hangings follow one another against opponents of the regime, without weapons .

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