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The BNVCA notes that Mahmoud Abbas’ speech has flopped at the UN. In a speech coming the day after Yair Lapid’s speech, posing as the only condition for the establishment of a Palestinian state, that the issued allowed to go out on the street without risking being murdered with an axe or an iron bar and that the warnings of rocket launches cease. A minimum definition of peace. Mahmoud Abbas did not take up the challenge of possible peace, but a kick in touch. Disqualifying Israel as a possible interlocutor, he hammered at the “apartheid” rostrum. As before he hammered “genocide”, in 2014, 2012, 2008 and finally almost every year. It is therefore not without surprise that it is discovered after a decade of “genocide” that the “Palestinian people” number 14 million people. That is in 74 years, a population multiplied by 20. A world record, moreover for a supposedly genocidal people. With “50 Holocausts” becoming in this speech “50 massacres” the population is growing exponentially. If France had also suffered such “genocides” since 1948, its population multiplied by 20, today would be 960 million inhabitants.

The updated policy.

With this story of genocide, perpetrated moreover – and how fortunate by Jews – the victimization of “Palestinian refugees” has been a worldwide success. No other “refugee” is the subject of so much media attention, nor of course gigantic subsidies. Arafat’s wife can testify to this, she who received a monthly allowance of $ 100,000 / month during her stay in Paris. The late Arafat’s fortune was ranked sixth in the world among Forbes’ greatest fortunes in 2003. Not bad for the leader of refugees so miserable. One cannot imagine Mahmoud Abbas, without elections for so many years, having hesitated to follow the path of money too.

This well-established story of genocide, new variations are possible, including of course the famous “apartheid”, whose BDS pharmacies, propaganda relays, have made their new hobbyhorse. It should be noted that they have the honesty to specify “Palestine from the Sea to the Jordan” makes it clear that the goal is not a Palestinian state next to a returned state, but in its place.


When Mahmoud Abbas talks about apartheid, he knows what he is talking about. Not a Jew in the area under Palestinian rule where signs remind us that any Jew entering this area puts his life at risk. Who does not remember the image of the butchers of Ramallah, bloody hands after eviscerating two lost rejected soldiers, and the crowd cheering its “heroes”. There is, of course, the encouragement to kill people paid by the salaries paid to the killers of Jews or their families. More than just encouragement, it is a real incitement to murder. This is how the extreme form of apartheid is defined, which is not the discrimination of populations, but the call for the elimination of a population. The 84-year-old woman killed last week in Holon with iron bars by a local Arab is the most recent illustration of Mahmoud Abbas’s fashionable apartheid, not to mention the stones thrown at vehicles and buses, not pebbles, but stones made to kill. Or weapons seized day after day, in IDF operations, which sometimes cause deaths, but in every country in the world, arms traffickers are prosecuted, arrested and, sometimes, killed. But Israel has no right to seek to defend itself, Israel must see its citizens killed without reacting. Israel must accept rockets that are blindly brought into the repressed territory. For Israel is guilty: of existing.

And of course Shireen Abu Akleh

An average of 50 journalists are killed each year, some in war zones. These are called “risks of the trade”. The Israeli journalist who executed her time charging changed things. From the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who received the family, to the complaint filed before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, nothing is enough to be able to accuse Israel of murder. That she was killed during a very intense exchange of fire does not excuse anything, Israel must be guilty. The journalist Nijjar Ijbaria killed in his car does not matter, israel cannot be blamed, his death does not interest anyone. Double standards, double standards, whatever the name, the main thing is to always be able to accuse Israel. Moreover, there are no deaths in Syria, nor in Mali, nor in Afghanistan and Iran there is no hanging, nor any woman who dies because of visible hair. All this is without real consequences, the only one that matters is to be able to accuse Israel.

Why are the “playoffs” so valuable?

40 dead in an attack in Afghanistan are the subject of a snippet, while a “young Palestinian” hit by a rubber bullet, upsets the world. What for? Because the “Palestinians” alone, with their hereditary refugee status, have the privilege of being able to blame Israel every day, day after day, for 74 years. So, even though Mahmoud Abbas made a brazen propaganda speech, he is being listened to because he alone is paying salaries to the killers of Jews. A shortcut too violent, certainly, but violence is omnipresent. On the night of Saturday to Sunday, a reporter noticed a suspicious vehicle depositing an object in a gas station: explosives. Deminers stopped a disaster.

Demonization of Israel and the Jews

On the eve of the New Year’s Holidays, where many Jews will go to the Temple Mount, an “invasion” as all those who dream that it will be forbidden to them, but also where the voice of the Soffar will resonate, the sound of theram’s horn that is part of the obligations of Rosh Hashanah,    but also the five red cows arrived in Israel, all these elements are claims to revive the old anti-Semitism that represents the Jews as demons, Shaytan. Stirring up a climate of anti-Semitic hatred and having it disseminated by news agencies all over the world with predictable consequences is the goal we see being implemented. The Israeli police, fully mobilized to prevent the risk of attacks, even recommend that the faithful come to pray armed. All over the world, the police guard the entrance to synagogues. All over the world, anti-Semitism is on the rise, the propaganda instilled by Mahmoud Abbas, relayed both by BDS agencies and by the discriminatory votes of the UN can be welcomed. But on these festive days, everyone wishes everyone peace, health and prosperity. Hope makes it possible to believe in it.

Evelyne Gougenheim

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