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The National Office of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) appeals to all to help St Martin of Vesubia, a city devastated, bruised and bereaved by the climate outbreak. The BNVCA does not forget the courage and solidarity that enabled hundreds of Jewish refugees to be saved during the war in St Martin of Vesubia.

Thanks to a republican resistance, St Martin of Vesubia served as a welcoming city to 1200 foreign Jews, hunted between 1942 and 1943 allowing them to benefit from a “safe haven” in this region in the hands of Italy during this period. The population was of the utmost discretion, vital for these Jewish people in the throes. For six months, the Jews of St Martin of Vesubia were able to live, be housed and fed by a close network of cooperation between the Joint, Jewish leaders, scouts, the Ort and the extraordinary population of St Martin of Vesubia. The local population very impoverished by the war was able to develop solidarity and even an exceptional friendship with these foreigners, the vast majority of whom spoke only Yiddish

On 3 September, when the Germans regained control of the area, thanks to an alert sent to each house, a departure was organised on 8 September precipitated by the extreme emergency. To reach Italy, a large march through the Mercantour ridges allowed two-thirds of the refugees to escape the Nazis. Some who were too weak, too old or with heart problems died during the walk. Some were unable to leave and were arrested and deported. But it is more than eight hundred Jews who have been saved by the thousand if six hundred inhabitants of St Martin of Vesubia

The BNVCA does not forget and wants to show its gratitude by calling for a strong and necessary mobilization to come to the rescue of a city hit by misfortune.

In the name of this exemplary past of generosity, let us be in unison, to rebuild the future.

Send your donations to BNVCA – Operation Solidarity with St Martin of Vesubia (received Cerfa)

100% of the donations will be donated to the Mayor of St Martin of Vesubia

By cheque BNVCA – Solidarity St Martin de Vésubie 66, rue Laugier 75017 Paris or

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Or make a Check payable to “BNVCA”, 64 rue Laugier Paris 75017.