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The BNVCA, angry and very shocked, strongly condemns the terrorist attack committed today in the 11th arrondissement of Paris near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo. The new stabbing attack left four people injured, two of them seriously.

This borough was strongly marked by Islamist terrorism which also hit the Jews hard in the people of Ilan Halimi, Sarah Halimi, Mireille Knoll… We are concerned that, given the modus operandi, the stabbing, the location and the concurrent with the ongoing trial, we will discover that the perpetrators are radicalized individuals.

After Charlie Hebdo reprinted the cartoons, Al Qaeda issued new threats. A journalist from France 24, Wassim Nasr, immediately warned that Al Qaeda’s threats must be taken seriously.

We salute the action of the police officers who arrested the two attackers. We are awaiting the results of the investigation. At a time when the question of the release of the jihadists is being considered, at a time when French people who have gone to fight in Syria or elsewhere are asking to return, one certainty is needed: the French must be protected.
We call on the authorities to give no trust or leniency to the jihadists. We ask them not to show any weakness in the face of these radicalized compatriots, followers of the Islamic-terrorist forces. They pose a dangerous threat to France.

The BNVCA will form a civil party at the hearing.

The BNVCA shows its solidarity with the victims and wishes them a speedy and complete recovery.